About Sofia Serrano

Sofia is a hairstylist and makeup artist from Ukraine living in the USA. Her career in beauty started in 2015 after graduating Schwarzkopf Beauty Institute in Philadelphia and getting a license. She has then continued PRO education in other American and European hair and makeup schools parallel with her work in the industry. Her skillset is really diverse as she successfully combines work with private clients, brides, commerce and fashion. This shaped her style in beauty as very diverse, elegant but bold when needed, sophisticated and chic, effortless and natural. Being an educator herself nowadays Sofia continues getting classes with TOP professionals in Europe. "Our industry is so rapidly-changing, I always feel an urge to expand, explore and learn something new". Sofia is a true passionate artist, as she not only works in beauty realm but does professional photography. "Being multimedia artist really helps to polish my vision, taste and skills as I can clearly imagine how my client/model/bride will look in the camera and can alway adjust the look accordingly. As well as I always 'feel and get' the photographer's needs and vision when on set". 


Sofia never limits herself to a specific style, she is open to experiments and her most favorite thing about the industry is PEOPLE! "I am absolutely in love with my clients, hours spent talking yo you, laughing or crying together is a true reason I love my job. If I didn't become a HMUA I would be a psychotherapist".