I have been in the industry for over 9 years. Being a licensed cosmetologist (Schwarzkopf Beauty Institute), my passion for learning never stops and I truly believe will go on forever. Every few months I invest in continuing education with artists across the world I admire and pick up new skills and techniques to be able to share the knowledge with my team!

Being a business owner and representing our team on wedding market I am very proud to be a platform for creativity, professional growth and sense of a strong beauty community!  
My inspiration comes from women and their unique appearance. It is always a challenge and a surprise and almost a mystery to solve when I get a new person in my chair. What does she like?  What IS she like? What  emotion and state of mind do we want to express creating one or another look? And other really important sources of inspiration are fine art, cinematography, nature. 
If I didn’t become MUA I would become a psychotherapist or an interpreter. 
Favorite look to create - fresh, light, creamy, painterly, organic, just enough to add confidence and still feel like yourself. Minimalist and monochromatic, feminine. Undone, lived in, windblown hair. 
Must haves for my personal use - Westman Atelier Serum Drops as my foundation + cream blush/cream highlighter, Oribe - Texturizing spray.  


Sofia's portfolio



I have been in the industry for more then 12 years. My passion for makeup began right on my wedding day. I was fascinated by all the beautiful products that makeup artist used for me. After that day I decided I want to learn this amazing profession and also give people confidence as she once gave to me. She changed my life and I deeply dived into beauty world. 

My inspiration comes from all women. Each of beautiful part of the world inspire me with hers individuality and uniqueness. 

If I didn’t become a makeup artist I would become a travel agent or accountant. 

My favorite makeup looks to create are fresh nude or classic wings and red lips. 

I never leave my house without a moisturizer and a lip mask (Current favorite - Laneige). 



I have been in the industry for over 9 years. I am a full time hairdresser as well, so all things hair is my habitat! I really enjoy the styling aspect of it the most. As for education and licensing I graduated First Career Academy Beauty School in 2015.

My passion for this craft began in high school years, I was always the one braiding and curling my girlfriends' hair. And one day my husband bought a hair clipper and I tried to cut his hair and realized I am just naturally good at it and am attracted to this meditative process in general. 

If I didn't become a hairstylist I would most likely work in the tourism industry since my first degree was in "Tourism Management". 



My passion for makeup began over 25 years ago. As a teenager I love to do makeup and my mom luckily let me used makeup and even bought me some.

Of course it was nothing serious and back then I didn't think about it as a career.

Years later, I found myself still deeply in love with it and decided to go to makeup academy and pursue it as a career. 

I am in the industry since 2006. I started my path at the makeup academy in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ever since I never stopped learning and taking classes. I have many diplomas, some of them framed and on the walls.

I also a licensed esthetician, I went to school in Ambler, PA.

My inspiration comes usually from the person itself. I love to have those talks that help me to understand my clients better and actually to see that beauty inside each of them.

Another thing that inspires me are the skies. I always look up at the skies and it always amazes me. All the color palette and all the color combinations up there. 

If I didn't  become a makeup artist I would want to be a police officer. I have a degree in Criminology/ Sociology and I thought that I could've done a great career in that field. 

I know it's totally different from being a makeup artist. But that's who I am. A person of different interests and the one who always fought for the justice. 

My two must haves would be Becca under eye brightening product and Bobbi Brown face primer. 



I have been in the industry for over 10 years. The world of makeup turned upside down for me when I took advanced training with the world famous makeup artist Olga Tomina, who lives in my native country - Belarus. 

My inspiration comes from emotions that my clients give me. When I see their happy eyes in the mirror after makeup I realize I made the right choice. 

If I didn’t become a makeup artist I would become a professional traveler, who falls in love with people in different countries, maybe would create a YouTube travel blog. 

My favorite makeup look to create is minimal and subdued but sexy. Sensual lips, winged liner, lots of eyelashes. 

The 2 must have products in my kit I cannot live without good foundation and blush. Because these products are enough to create a fresh makeup.



I have been in the industry for more than 12 years. My passion for makeup began from school years. I was obsessed with cosmetic products and makeup. I liked the way makeup changes girls, how it makes them feel more beautiful and confident.

I chose my first makeup school in Ukraine. And from that moment my profession became my passion. Every year I continued getting classes with the best makeup artists. And improved my skills and techniques.

My inspiration comes from every woman, her unique beauty and style. I love to make people happy, to be a part of their special event.

Also a lot of amazing makeup products inspire me to create a beautiful makeups.

If I didn’t become a mua I would become a journalist or psychologist.

Favorite look to create is fresh, natural with its own individuality. Nude lips or sexy berry lips. 

Must haves for my personal use - blushes and highlighters from Hourglass.



I have been in the industry for over 5 years. I came to beauty industry from the world of economics and business and full time office work. I just couldn't resist the life-long passion anymore. I learned from top professionals in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from @natalinamua, @essebeauty, @sasha-esenina makeup schools as well as took classes from at least a dozen more leading stylist across the country. 

​My inspiration comes from my colleagues. And women in general. Their character and charisma. 

If I didn't become a mua, I would become a landscape designer. I am just in love with nature and everything related to it. 

Favorite looks to create are the ones that accentuate the skin and lips. Messy undone hairstyles as well as the opposite of it - sleek polished looks. 

Two must-haves - Estée Lauder concealer and mascara. 



I have been in the industry for over 10 years! My passion for hair began after I had my daughter! I used to play with her hair all the time! I tried different hairstyles all the time and fell more and more in love with this craft! In 2014 I graduated the beauty school and still keep learning until now, taking various classes from well-know stylists! I also am a full-time hairdresser at a salon. 

My inspiration comes from within my heart, I just love it. Hairstyling is my life. 

If I didn't become a stylist I would have become an interpreter or a flight attendant:) 

Favorite look to create - classic, sleek bun and Hollywood waves!